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Frequently Asked Questions about Speech Language Pathology

Who can refer to your service?

Anyone can refer themselves or a family member to our service, provided that they have the consent of the legal guardian. Some insurance programs require a physician letter of referral to qualify for reimbursement, but we do not require this.


Where is your clinic located?

We have 2 locations! Our St. John's clinic is in the Nuport Building at 44 Torbay Road, St. John's, NL. Our Clarenville location is in the Medical Arts Building (back entrance) at 105 Manitoba Drive. Online SLP services are also available throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.


When should I refer?

If you have concerns about any aspect of communication or swallowing you should refer (e.g. language, speech clarity, stuttering, voice, social communication). A speech/language assessment will provide you with valuable information about whether or not there is a communication difficulty, as well as immediate recommendations for remediation. Find helpful resources for adults and children. (source: Speech-Language and Audiology Canada)


How long will it take to get an appointment?

In general we are able to provide you with an appointment within 1 week of your referral. In cases requiring urgent attention we will make every attempt to accommodate your request as soon as possible.


What are the costs of your services?


Service rates vary depending on the length, type, and location of services. Please call us or email us here to obtain detailed rate information.

Will my insurance plan cover this?

Most extended health plans provide an allowance for speech/language pathology services. However, we do recommend that you check with your own insurance provider.


Do you provide off-site consultation (e.g. nursing homes, daycares, homes)?

Yes. We work with families to determine the location that will provide an optimal therapeutic environment for each individual client.


What should I bring to the assessment?

Please bring (or send in advance) any previous medical documentation for the person receiving the assessment.


Do you provide consultation to other therapy programs?

Yes, we do. We regularly coordinate with school and day care personnel, as well as family members and other specialists involved in the care of our clients — such as other SLPs, OTs, Child Management Specialists, etc.


Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, but your insurance provider may require a referral. Please check with your insurance provider.


Are private speech-language pathology services tax deductible?

Yes. Assessment and treatment costs can be claimed on your tax return.


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